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The Acceleration in the field of modern day education and the inability of the common man to make use of this education is the matter of concern. Taking this issue into consideration Indian Skill Vidyapeeth has moved a step to proceed in educational development. As its not only the matter to be thought of but needed to find solutions to this problem and bringing the common people in the flow of education. Modern world is the world of technology and demands awareness about the technical courses and it’s the need of getting trained in one of such courses to be an independent entrepreneur. It is always said and heard that the people are progressing. Along with it, it’s said that India is a developing nation but the people in the country are not developed. Because every educated in the country may not be employed which is resulting in unemployment. It is time to bring curtains to it. Every individual wants to be highly educated and every parent dreams of their ward to be a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer or a businessman. Every individual may not get highly educated because of non-affordability of the courses. Taking all these points and issue into consideration Indian Skill Vidyapeeth has developed Technical, Management, Vocational, Para Medical, Computer etc courses, which will start in different centers in Maharashtra and other part of India in effort to make an individual independent without payment of any donation and at a very minimal fees. With an objective of making Indians an independent entrepreneur,Indian Skill Vidyapeth has been set up for the pride and honour of the common individual. VISION & MISSION STATEMENT Through a unique blend of curricular, experiential, and research programs delivered within a student-centric culture, Indian Skill Vidyapeeth prepares its students for successful careers in a global society.We will inspire participatory global citizenship grounded in critical thinking and an engaged forward thinking. We will be an excellent a national academic development autonomous organisation whose academic portfolio, research agenda, and educational model align with the shifting needs of a complex planet. MISSION STATEMENT Indian Skill Vidyapeeth shall provide a sustainable and accessible environment where we support and encourage student possibilities by building on the vibrancy of Indian national and where we are guided by the principles of inclusiveness, integrity, innovation, creativity, and quality. In the pursuit of individual educational goals, students will improve their critical thinking, information competency, communication skills, ethical reasoning, cultural, social, environmental, personal awareness and responsibility. CORE VALUE Indian Skill Vidyapeeth offering short and long duration educational and training programmes which shall enable the students to acquire internationally recognized qualification as well as knowledge that would enhance careers of students in the relevant sector. The unique education methodology and the compact, integrated courses shall be of great advantage to all those who look forward to achieve early success in their life.Consistent with our Vision, Indian Skill Vidyapeeth provides educational programs and services that promote student achievement and life-long learning to meet the needs of our diverse community.
will take role of developing the Private Education facilities in India. This will be scientific approach to uplift the overall quality of education in private sector. Being the Examination controller of Indian Skill Vidyapeeth, my aim is to provide education that is practical and affordable to every inspiring candidate. People define Success as hard work with confidence, but I use to define Success as action in right direction to get the results, rather than making unnecessary hard work.Indian Skill Vidyapeeth is the place of solutions for your desire to get specialized in any field.
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