Para Medical Courses

Sr.Name of Course
1Diploma in Nursing (MF) ANM2Diploma in Hospital Management
3Diploma in Naturopathy4Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy
5Diploma in OT Assistant6Diploma in X-Ray Technician Assistant
7Diploma in Health Sanitary Inspector8Diploma in OT Technician
9Diploma in Medical Record Technician10Diploma in Bio Mobility Technician
11Diploma in Therapeutic Massage Technician12Diploma in Therapeutic Laser Technician
13Diploma in Radiology Technician14Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (Basic)
15Diploma in Lab Assistant16D.M.L.T (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology)
17Diploma in CT Scan Technician18Diploma in Eye Technician
19Diploma in Dental Technician20Diploma in Radiotherapy Technician
21Diploma in ICU Technician22Diploma in MRI Technology
23Diploma in Cath Lab Technology24Diploma in Dialysis Technology
25Diploma in ECG Technician26Diploma in CVTS Technology
27Diploma in Infection Control Nurse28CMLT
29Diploma Radiology Assistant30Diploma in Cosmetology
31Diploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology32Diploma in Histotechnology
31Diploma in Mammography Technology

Advance Diploma Courses(Para Medical)

(2 Years Diploma)

Sr.Name of Course
1Advance Diploma in Nursing2Advance Diploma in Hospital Management
3Advance Diploma in Naturopathy4Advance Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy
5Advance Diploma in OT Assistant6Advance Diploma in Medical Record Technician
7Advance Diploma in Bio Mobility Technician8Advance Diploma in Therapeutic Massage Technician
9Advance Diploma in Therapeutic Laser Technician10Advance Diploma in Radiology Technician
11Advance Diploma in Anatomy Physiology12Advance Diploma in Lab Assistant
13Advance Diploma in CT Scan Technician14Advance Diploma in Health Sanitary Inspector
15Advance Diploma in X-Ray Technician Assistant16Advance Diploma in OT Assistant
17Advance Diploma in Eye Technician18Advance Diploma in Dental Technician
19Advance Diploma in Radio Therapy Technician20Advance Diploma in MRI Technology
21Advance Diploma in Cath Lab Technology22Advance Diploma in Dialysis Technology
23Advance Diploma in ECG Technician24Advance Diploma in CVTS Technology
25ADMLT (Advance Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology)26Advance Diploma in Infection Control Nurse
27Advance Diploma in Cosmetology28Advance Diploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology
29Advance Diploma in Histotechnology30Advance Diploma in Mammography Technology