Management Courses

Sr.Name of Course
1Diploma in Business Administration2Diploma in Social Work
3Diploma in Production Management4Diploma in Business Management
5Diploma in Marketing Management6Diploma in Office Management
7Diploma in Human Rights8Diploma in Hotel Management & Tourism
9Diploma in Financial Management10Diploma in Resource Development
11Diploma in Event Management12Diploma in Travels and Tourism
13Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management14Diploma in Librarian Assistant
15Diploma in Journalism (Print Media)16Diploma in Journalism (Radio and TV Media)
17Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication18Diploma in Production and Finance Management
19Diploma in Distance Education20Diploma in Hospitality Assistance
21Diploma in Head Cook22Diploma in Hospitality
23Diploma in Fire Safety24Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Tech.
25Diploma in Quality Management26Diploma in Material Management
27Diploma in Tourist Guide

Advance Diploma Courses

(2 Years Diploma)

Sr.Name of Course
1Advance Diploma in Business Administration2Advance Diploma in Social Work
3Advance Diploma in Production Management4Advance Diploma in Business Management
5Advance Diploma in Marketing Management6Advance Diploma in Office Management
7Advance Diploma in Human Rights8Advance Diploma in Hotel Management & Tourism
9Advance Diploma in Financial Management10Advance Diploma in Resource Development
11Advance Diploma in Event Management12Advance Diploma in Travel & Tourism
13Advance Diploma in Marketing & Sales14Advance Diploma in Librarian Assistant
15Advance Diploma in Journalism (Print Media)16Advance Diploma in Journalism (Radio and TV Media)
17Advance Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication18Advance Diploma in Production and Finance Management
19Advance Diploma in Distance Education20Advance Diploma in Hospitality Assistance
21Advance Diploma in Head Cook22Advance Diploma in Hospitality
23Advance Diploma in Fire Safety24Advance Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Tech.
25Advance Diploma in Quality Management26Advance Diploma in Material Management
27Advance Diploma in Tourist Guide28Advance Diploma in Human Resource Development
29Advance Diploma in Banking Management30Advance Diploma in Industrial Management